Salgirah Mubarak Hazar Imam Aga Khan IV 83rd Birthday

What is Salgirah Mubarak | Hazar Imam 83rd Birthday | Salgirah Mubarak Celebrations 2019

What is Salgirah Mubarak? 

The ‘Salgirah’ is a term of Persian origin. ‘Sal‘ means the completion an year i.e. Birthday anniversary and ‘Girah‘ means knot, so Salgirah literally means “a birthday knot added to a necklace kept for some particular purpose.” The Ismailis will be going to celebrate this event with great joy and devotion on December 13, 2019, the date of birth of the present and living Imam (Aga Khan IV).

It’s an occasion celebrated by almost 20 millions Ismaili community members all over the world every year on 13th December 2019 on their beloved Noor Maulana Shah Karim Al-Hussaini Hazar Imam’s (Aga Khan IV – 49th Imam) Birthday.

Salgirah Mubarak is one of the blessed and holy day for ismaili Nizari muslims because on this day their 49th Imam Noor Maulana Shah Karim Al-Hussaini Hazar Imam was born. It’s an holy event celebrated by an Ismaili community all over the world every year on 13th December 2019 on their beloved Noor Maulana Shah Karim Al-Hussaini Hazar Imam’s (Aga Khan IV – 49th Imam) Birthday.

On December 13, 2019, Nizari Ismaili Muslims from around the world celebrate Mawlana Hazar Imam Aga Khan’s 83rd Salgirah Mubarak to present his love and blessings for their spiritual imam. For more than five decades of his Imamat, Hazar Imam has been dedicated to the spiritual and worldly progress of the Ismailis everywhere. The occasion is an opportunity for Jamat to express his love, loyalty and devotion to the Imam of Time.

Throughout history, the Nizari Ismaili Muslims have been led by a living and hereditary imam of time descended from the progeny of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his family) through his cousin and son-in-law, Hazrat Ali, and his daughter, Hazrat Bibi Fatima.

On December 13, 2019, the Ismailis around the world will celebrate the 83rd birthday of their current living imam, his highness Prince Karim Aga Khan. Born in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1936, his grandfather made him the 49th Imam of Ismaili community at the age of 20. During the five decades of Shah Karim’s Imamat, Hazar Imam has dedicated himself to the spiritual and worldy progress of Ismailis everywhere.

The celebration of Mawlana Hazar Imam’s birthday is an occasion for Ismailis to reflect on the unique spiritual bond that unites each ismaili with Hazar Imam. It also gives Jamat the opportunity to express his love, loyalty and devotion to the Imamat, which unites the Ismaili community as one.

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Salgirah Mubarak Celebration Wishes To Maulana Hazar Imam Aga Khan IV

Ismailis from all over the world like Canada, London, Africa and Pakistan send their birthday wishes to Maulana Hazar Imam as a Nazrana on his 83rd Salgirah Mubarak 2019.

On the occasion of the 83rd birthday 2019 of our beloved Noor Mawlana Shah Karim Al-Hussaini Hazar Imam (Aga Khan IV), Please bestow our best wishes to you and your family and pray for peace, happiness and barakat. Ameen.

The mentioned-below are the wishes send by the ismaili murids from all over the world to their hazar imam on the occasion of 82nd Birthday 2018.


#SalgirahMubarak2019 Wishes By Nabil Karim


#SalgirahMubarak2019 Wishes By Tahir


#SalgirahMubarak2019 Wishes By Farrukh Lakhani


#SalgirahMubarak2019 Wishes By Zahra and Shakeel


#SalgirahMubarak2019 Wishes By Malik Z. Talib


#SalgirahMubarak2019 Wishes By Naznin Dhanani


#SalgirahMubarak2019 Wishes By TheIsmaili


#SalgirahMubarak2019 Wishes By Fida Ali and Sameer Assanie


#SalgirahMubarak2019 Wishes By Mubasher Sultaan


#SalgirahMubarak2019 Wishes By Al-Karim Walli


#SalgirahMubarak2019 Wishes By Salim Nensi, Shukhar and Ivan


#SalgirahMubarak2019 Wishes By J. Gulamani Abdullah


#SalgirahMubarak2019 Wishes By Bonnie Crombie

#SalgirahMubarak2019 Wishes By Farah Nasser


#SalgirahMubarak2019 Wishes By Gilgit Baltistan (GB)

All The Salgirahs (Birthdays) Celebrated By The Ismailis For His Highness Aga Khan Till 83rd Birthday 2019

Ismailis celebrate Hazar Imam’s Birthday with zest and zeal every year on 13th december. The mentioned-below are the year wise celebrated by the Ismaili Muslims till 83rd Birthday 2019:

Salgirah Mubarak 78th Birthday Celebrations 2014 In Jogeshwari Jamatkhana Mumbai

Photos/courtesy:  Rahim Padaniya

Salgirah Mubarak 79th Birthday Celebrations 2015

A brief list of some nominated Tweets on the occasion of 13th December 2015, Maulana Hazar Imam Aga Khan’s 79th Birthday Salgirah Mubarak.

Salgirah Mubarak 80th Birthday Celebrations 2016 At Hazar Imam’s Home Aiglemont

Photos/Courtesy:   Malik Merchant/Simerg

Salgirah Mubarak 81st Birthday Celebrations 2017


Who is the Aga Khan IV?

The Aga Khan IV is the current leader (Hazar imam) of the worldwide Ismaili community, a branch of Shia Islam and a multi-ethnic global community whose members include a wide variety of cultures, languages and nationalities and live in Central Asia, the Middle East, South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe and North America. Aga Khan is a title attributed by the Shah of Persia to the imam of Ismaili of the time in 1818 and inherited from each of his Imamate successors. Born in Switzerland and trained at Harvard, He preaches tolerance, the value of education and the importance of community service to the Ismailis all almost 20 million ismailis. At the age of 83, he is the 49th imam of the Nizari Ismaili Muslims.

Humanitarian dedicated to improving the quality of life in the less developed regions of the world, the Aga Khan is the founder and president of the Aga Khan Development Network, one of the largest private development agencies in the world.

In recognition of his contributions to human development and the improvement of the status of societies around the world, the Aga Khan has received numerous awards, honorary degrees and awards, including honorary Canadian citizenship and the Order of Canada.

In February 2014, His Highness Aga Khan was the first religious leader to speak in a joint session of the Canadian Parliament.

Canada has collaborated with AKDN in several humanitarian and development initiatives aimed at the world’s poorest and most vulnerable, including women and girls.

The Government of Canada and Aga Khan are also partners in the Global Center for Pluralism, which promotes inclusive and responsible governance, respect for diversity and human rights.


His Highness Maulana Hazar Imam’s Charity Work


At least 400 million
people worldwide have
no access to basic
health services. Every year, more than a third of them suffer a financial disaster due to medical expenses out of pocket. Millions of people living in marginalized and resource-poor regions still rely on impure, unimproved water sources. As one of AKDN’s top three health organizations, the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) has been working with communities and village organizations over many years to empower people, particularly in geographically remote areas, to improve their health and well-being and achieve their goals full potential.

The aim is to sustainably improve the health and nutritional status of vulnerable groups, especially women of childbearing potential, adolescents and children under the age of five. The aim is to improve the access and use of integrated health services while enabling communities to implement effective health practices. Across the world, AKF supports health and nutrition services reaching over 800,000 people.

Health And Nutrition Of The Community

Community health workers

The Foundation is committed to reducing the burden of disease while providing general coverage by building a competent corps of community health workers whose knowledge and skills can help improve the health of families in remote areas. These health workers receive ongoing training, materials and supervision to gain trust and relevance to the community over time.

As this process is central to achieving health gains in the regions in which AKF operates, the Foundation is taking steps to retain those health workers in the long term. For example, it strengthens the self-help groups of civil society and ensures the link with livelihoods and other relevant programs.

Prevention, treatment and referral by the Ismaili community

AKF helps reduce the burden of disease at the community level by improving knowledge of positive health, hygiene and nutritional behaviors and practices through robust behavioral communication behavior change strategies and community engagement. The AKF also seeks to expand the reach of the universal service by supporting and expanding community case management and strengthening community monitoring and referral mechanisms.

Ismaili Community Nutrition Screening and Support

The AKF works to reduce the burden of malnutrition at the community level by promoting better knowledge of positive dietary habits and practices, including supporting strong nutritional practices for infants and toddlers at the household level. AKF is also working to reduce micronutrient deficiencies through food-based approaches, as well as community-based supplementation and deworming of micronutrients. The AKF supports community-based screening for malnutrition and improves access to and transfer to nutritional care programs.

AKDN works to improve the health of a community by integrating behavioral changes into its program. In Southern Tanzania, the Coastal Rural Assistance Program (CRF) is raising awareness among families of the importance of proper nutrition, especially for infants whose growth and development depend on it.
AKDN / Lucas Cuervo Moura

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