baitul khayal farman 83rd birthday aga khan salgirah mubarak 2019

Baitul Khayal Farman Salgirah Mubarak 2021

In this article we will discuss all the baitul khayal farmans but before going into details let’s discuss what is baitul khayal and what is the essence of baitul khayal majalis.

What is Baitul Khayal?

In the memories of Sultan Muhammed Shah  (The Aga Khan, our beloved 48th Imam), describes the distinction between two human experiences according to the categorization of the Muslim philosopher Ibn-Rushd (Averroes):
On the one hand, our experience of nature as we recognize it through our senses … and, on the other hand, our immediate and imminent experience of something more real, less dependent on the processes of thought or mind, but directly to us, what I think is a religious experience.” 
The desire of this direct experience is innate in all of us. The profound psychology that recognizes this aspiration in a totally different way asserts that the human psyche has a great capacity and an insatiable desire for love. The search for this love shapes human actions. In some cases it takes the form of material activities, in others it is religious and mystical activities. And in some souls, this search for divine love finds satisfaction in the devotion and love of another human being.
Also in his Memoirs, the Imam exposes on the same subject and says:
“We live, we move and we are in God … when we realize it, we are already preparing ourselves for the gift of the power of the direct experience (mysticism) … some men are born with spiritual capacities and possibilities of development, so natural to have a direct experience of this great love, that love which embraces everything and all that it consumes and that direct contact with reality gives to the human soul.
A question naturally arises in the mind: what happens to people who are not so talented and who are not born of the natural capacity to develop for the spiritual experience?
Allah is aware of this innate human desire for love and direct vision. Allah gives a gift and a means for this direct experience to all: “And to Allah belong the best names, call upon them therefore for them.” – Holy Koran, 7: 180
The invocation of the best names (Ism’ul-Azam) mentioned in the previous Surah are the most beautiful names of Allah, whose invocation opens the way to his mercy and his direct experience. The Quran also commands the constant remembrance of Allah:
Oh, you have faith, remember Allah with a frequent memory and glorify it tomorrow and in the evening.” (33: 41-42)
What is Baitul Khayal Majlis And What is it’s Essence?
Baitul Khyal’s practice is at the peak of the spiritual practice of Ismailism and is also known as Motu Kam (Great Work). As the prescribed practice becomes a routine, the spiritual universe begins to develop and the bond between the imam and the murid is strengthened and the bond between the dying man and the imam becomes shorter and shorter. It is a process of divine alchemy that is sung in the Ginan Jire vala, dhan re ghadi:
You stop Loha Raang Pelte
For jagmag jyote jagaye.
What was metal
It turns into gold and starts to shine.
by divine alchemy
The experience of this transformation and elevation of the soul through the constant meditative practice of Ishmael-Azam is articulated in some of the verses of Ginan Brahm Prakash composed by Pir Shamsh:
“True Word” (or Ism’ul-Azam, Bol) is my guide,
to which the world does not give recognition … 1
Meditate on the Word,
and recite Pirshah as often as possible … ..2
And by pronouncing the Word,
the light of love will come
and in the heart, a great “Faith” will be generated …
Where love flows constantly
his devoted baby and
drunk with love … 9
How will I praise (for you) this divine ecstasy!
His condition is so great that he defies all the words … 11
No amount of literature read or heard,
This could help realize this happiness experience … 12
The heavens to the west shine
and we attend a single and
show like no other (from “Light” – “Noor”)

Aga Khan IV (Hazar Imam) Baitul Khayal Farmans

For your religious progress, I tell you something that includes everything. The Above all, keep a strong and solid faith in the successor of Muhammad and ‘Ali; It should be even more than your mother, your father, your wealth and health. You will not be afraid in this world if you love the descendants of Muhammad and ‘Ali. This index includes all the beauties of prayers and religion. If you want the emancipation of your soul, keep your soul in love and The affection of Allah never forgets for a moment Allah, but always thinks of Him. Nothing is more glorious than keeping love and affection for your Hazam Imam.

Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah (S.A.) – 48th imam Nairobi – March 1, 1937

Once again, I say to everyone in Navroz, “Navroz Mubarak”, and I want them in the Beginning of this new year, try to think a little later in your future. Every Navroz, Ask yourself, “Have we done our job?” If so, I will be very happy.  Indeed, I say Eid Mubarak to you all and give you the most loving blessings.

Khanavadan, Khanavadan

Mawlana Shah Karim al-Husayni Hazir Imam (Aga Khan IV)

For hundreds of years, my spiritual children have been guided by The rope of the Imamate; you searched for the imam of the time advice and help in all areas and through the immense amount of your imam love and affection for his spiritual children, his Noor said where and in what direction you should turn to get spiritual and material satisfaction”

Nur Mawlana Shah Karim al Husaini Hazir Imam

In the 24-hour cycle, we take an hour that we devote to concentration, looking for to improve spiritually, to understand better, to understand the deeper meaning of this life and life after that. Most of you in Baitul Khayal are young; It’s an excellent field. But remember that even if you. They are young, can have 40, 50, Inshallah!, 70, 80, 90 years of life, their life is short. You lives are very short and when you leave this world, nothing accompanies you, neither material nor physical, only your soul remains and your soul is eternal, like your life henceforth. Remember that this is a big problem, very important. Do not treat it lightly.”

Khanavadan, Khanavadan.

Nur Mawlana Shah Karim al Husaini Hazir Imam

My young spiritual children in Lashkar, who are starting their lives, are It is essential that you teach these young spiritual children from a very young age: they have two homework, first for them and their families and the second spiritual homework, and everyone has a soul that is eternal and the body is not eternal at all. Teach Du’a and the meaning of Du’a and remind them that they should not worry about Complete material well-being at any time, but spiritual well-being is important. They should learn his Dua and his meaning and become a good spiritual child in every way. Later, when they grow up, they will have to be fully aware of developing their Spiritual lives If you have a strong soul, you will be protected from all difficulty.

Mawlana Shah Karim al-Husayni Hazir Imam

My dear spiritual children,

Lashkar is a very old Mandli established in our Jamat. When you join Lashkar, This means that from an early age you commit yourself to serve Jamat and Magnet It means that it must be true and valid “to die”. It’s not for everyone spiritual child but for those who are committed to serving Jamat and The Imam Therefore, “to die” must be in abeyance. Parents must explain to those spiritual children who should be regular in Jamat Khanah and that Du’a must learn with its meaning. I give to each of you individually my best and most loving blessings of love.”

Khanawadan, Khanawadan.

Nur Mawlana Shah Karim al-Husayni Hazir Imam 

First I give each spiritual child my loving father Motherly blessings, Khanawadan! Khanawadan!

I am really happy that these spiritual children have joined Imam Lashkar. I accept them and I would like these spiritual children to be brought to our tradition. They must be regular in the prayers, regularly present in Jamat Khana, and you must bring faith to your hearts. They must attend religious Night School, learn Dua as it should and understand the meaning of different It works in such a way that it can then serve the Imam. I want them to receive adequate lay education and work hard. parents You should also take care of their health and give them a good social and spiritual life the orientation. They must also obey their parents. All this will make them strong Imani Ismailis and good leaders in the future. I give they my most loving blessings.”

Mawlana Shah Karim al-Husayni Hazir Imam (Aga Khan IV)

Tando Mohd. Khan 22nd December 1964

First, I accept all my spiritual children in Lashkar and I give them to each of you. Individually, my best and most loving blessing of love, Khanawadan! Khanawadan! I would like my spiritual children in Lashkar to clearly understand that each one The spiritual child has two lives, the material and the spiritual life. Those who joined Lashkar, now it is your duty to fulfill the promise of your duty. It is the duty of parents teach these spiritual children how to fulfill their obligations to the extent that Your spiritual life is concerned. Later, when they grow up, I will give them“Bol” and that later could get closer and closer to Noor’s Imamat During this time, we must teach them to be orderly, well disciplined and regular in their religious duties.”

Mawlana Shah Karim al-Husayni Hazir Imam (Aga Khan IV)

African Visit – 1972

Even if you live 99 to 100 years, these 100 years mean nothing compared to the life of the soul that is eternal. Then the spiritual children said that we must raise our souls and prepare for the afterlife. It’s Baitul-Khayal. If a man is poor or rich, healthy or unhealthy, if his soul is high and his soul “Iman” is pure, it will help you withstand any material pressure.

To raise your soul, you need humility and courage. Then spiritual children He came to the Imam and said: “Hazir Imam shows us the way to raise our souls.” The road passes through ‘Bol’ and ‘Baitul Khayal’.

In Baitul Khayal, it is difficult to concentrate. You will try not to concentrate to achieve happiness … So, when you sit in Bandagi, it’s not your right and it’s you don’t need to get happiness. If you succeed, you will see the light.

Remember, to enjoy physical life, it is a life limited in time. Your soul is eternal, so don’t forget your prayers. Be regularly present at Jamat Khana and remember your prayers every day of your life; because one day you will be reminded if you have been regular in your prayersor not, and the only part of you that is eternal, as I said, is your soul.

I also want the children of ‘Lashkar’ to be regular in obey their parents, work hard at school, keep their bodies clean, sleep to the right time, in other words, to try to stay physically healthy, but also to be regular in your prayers.

Mawlana Shah Karim al-Husayni Hazir Imam (Aga Khan IV)

Kigali – 1972 


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Some More Baitul Khayal And Spirituality Related Farman

 I would also like each of you to remember to be regular in our prayers, because there is only one thing that can make you understand brevity and Futility of life. I would like him to be strong and brave in adversity, whether he is humble and I understand that success is not only due to human intelligence. I don’t love my spiritual children Forget that life on earth is just a very short passage in eternity. 
Pluralism Speech By Aga Khan IV (Hazar Imam)
Pluralism Speech By Aga Khan IV
(Hazar Imam)
There is only one sure key to happiness and it is prayer. Most of You will know that if you have difficulties or if you have personal problems Unfortunately, the only real source of healing is prayer. Now you can’t turn pray that when times are difficult: you should also pray when times are well.  
Nairobi, October 13, 1959
It is essential that you also have in your life, each of you individually, the Batini Nur that you should take with you; if you forget that, you will run a very high risk of go astray in the future.  
-Aga Khan IV  (Pakistan 1964)

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