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Coronacheck App For Self-evaluation and Awareness Raising of COVID-19​

Launch of mobile app for self-assessment of coronavirus for Pakistan

Mobile App For Self-evaluation and Awareness Raising of COVID-19
Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) has launched a new mobile application, CoronaCheck on 8th April 2020, that allows users to self-check coronavirus at home while alerting them to measures to prevent COVID-19. 
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coronacheck app

With self-assessment tools (interactive chatbots controlled by artificial intelligence (AI)), users understand their symptoms, see if they are receiving COVID-19, and seek help at the appropriate time can do.

This tool has been adopted by Alberta Health Services and modified by AKUH experts to address both local conditions and the epidemiology of evolving diseases. The aim is to identify potential coronavirus carriers, limit the risk of infection and get help from the official national helpline listed in the app.

With myths and misconceptions about COVID-19 causing panic across the country and contributing to the spread of the disease, CoronaCheck translates into local languages to counter unchecked information shared on social media platforms Also provided educational videos.

It also includes official information published by sources such as the World Health Organization (WHO), including COVID-19 best practices, self-assessment advice, precautionary measures, physical distance needs, and self-care.

CoronaCheck is now available in Pakistan by downloading from the GooglePlay storeAdditional countries and iOS versions will be introduced in the coming weeks.

CoronaCheck App Description

Following the emergence of the new COVID-19 pandemic, this Application provides users with genuine and important information exchanged by international experts, institutions and organizations about the new coronavirus. 

Certified reputation tools based on artificial intelligence help users to self-evaluate comfortably at home, thereby limiting the risk of infection when seeking medical advice. 

App recognition videos adopted by the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health of each country raise awareness of COVID-19, take steps to prevent the spread of infection, and take precautionary measures to help parents keep their children safe.

It is intended to be taken As well as ensuring exercise distance and guidelines for wearing PPE, an emergency phone number will also be displayed.

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